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Don’t miss “L’Incanto dell’Affresco” in Ravenna

If you manage to get a few days off to Italy this spring, don’t miss the temporary exhibition “L’Incanto dell’affresco” held at MAR (Ravenna) from 16th February to 15th June 2014.

L’incanto dell’affresco.  Capolavori strappati, da Pompei a Giotto da Correggio a Tiepolo MAR – Museo d’Arte of Ravenna, Italy.

The exhibition aims to recreate the history of frescoes detachment practice. The detachment of wall paintings involves the removal of a wall painting from the structure of which it formed part. Once a common practice, with the move towards preservation in situ, detachment is now largely restricted to cases where the only alternative is total loss. A history of taste, collecting, restoration and preservation enhanced by valuable loans from all over Italy and Europe. The exhibition layout includes five sections, chronologically organised. From 16th and 17th century early “masselli” to 18th century detachments, including those coming from Pompei and Ercolano. The journey ends with the 19th century “strappi” and the “sinopie” detached in the 1970s.

GiottoPisanelloAndrea del CastagnoBernardino LuiniGarofaloPeruginoRaffaello,RomaninoCorreggioPontormoMoretto,
Niccolò dell’AbatePellegrino TibaldiLudovico e Annibale CarracciGuido Reni,
GuercinoTiepolo are actually just some of the major masters exhibited from 16th February to 15th June 2014 at Mar of Ravenna. Don’t miss it!




affreschi-1 960x362 per sito





The exhibition is curated by Claudio Spadoni (Mar Museum Director) and Luca Ciancabilla (Researcher at the University of Bologna, Cultural Heritage department).

In partnership with Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Ravenna.

Opening Hours:

Until 31st March:  Tuesday to Friday 9-18; Saturday and Sunday 9-19
From 1st April: Tuesday to Thursday 9-18; Friday 9-21; Saturday and Sunday 9-19

Closed on Monday


Full: 9 euro
Concessions: 7 euro
Students and Teachers: 4 euro

For more information please visit:’incanto-dell’affresco


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