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What did a Newspaper look like?

“The newspaper was born in the early 17th century, when publishers hit upon the idea of mass-producing printed versions of the news bulletins that were popular among the European elite.
However, early titles struggled, as Andrew Pettegree discovers in our February issue, where he writes about the troublesome birth of the newspaper, and how it eventually came to play a dominant role in the shaping and delivery of news.” History Today by Dean Nicholas

  • The oldest private newspaper ever published in the world is the Gazzetta di Mantova (Italy, 1664).
  • From 1666, the Oxford Gazzette was printed in London and renamed London Gazette. This newspaper still published. If you want to know more abut this, see the inspiring article at
  • The world first daily newspaper, the Daily Courant, dates back to 1702 and was published in London. Its last issue was in 1735, when it merged with the Daily Gazetteer.

A pretty good general History of British Newspaper can be found on Wikipedia.
If you need to refer to the actual newspaper, of course the British Library still be the best place ever.




papers_graphiccrimeA graphic crime broadsheet published in 16th century Zurich reports on a murder.

papers_post The London Post, 17th century

papers_tatler Tatler, 1710

images (3)


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