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The Exponential Horn: In search of Perfect Sound

The Exponential Horn: In search of Perfect Sound.
An installation by Aleks Kolkowski at the London Science Museum

From 20 May 2014  to 27 July 2014

“Discover the full-size reconstruction of the giant 27ft long  ‘Denman horn’, the centrepiece of a new art installation by Aleksander Kolkowski.
A popular highlight of the Museum’s daily tours in the 1930s, this colossal horn has been painstakingly rebuilt by the Museum’s Workshops team. You can now witness this forgotten instrument by exploring and celebrating the artefact and its history through newly created sounds, music and the spoken word.

Alongside the installation we have a wide-ranging programme of events and audio demonstrations, featuring live broadcasts, sound art and archive radio footage from contributors including the BBC History, Resonance 104.4FM, BBC Radio 3, Archive of the Now, London College of Communication, Royal College of Music, and Royal College of Art.

Aleksander Kolkowski was our Sound Artist in Residence in 2012. He is a composer and researcher who uses historical sound recording and reproduction apparatus and obsolete media to make new music. His work invites people to listen to the present through the audio technologies of the past, via performances, installations, recordings and live historical re-enactments.

Sean Rafferty visited the Science Museum’s Exponential Horn and spoke with Aleksander Kolkowski in this BBC Radio 3 broadcast. You can listen to the programme Exponential Horn: In Search of Perfect Sound at the Science Museum.”


Source: London Science Museum Website



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