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Open for Business

Open for Business. The story of British manufacturing and industry told through the lens of 9 Magnum photographers
at the Science Museum. From  22/08/14 to 2/11/14.

Come and have a look, it’s free!

In 2013, Multistory and Magnum Photos commissioned nine of the world’s leading photographers to document contemporary British manufacturing.  During a period of great economic instability, and where questions are being raised about the strength of western economies within the worldwide market, there has never been a more relevant time to explore the condition of Britain’s manufacturing future.

For more information about the project, visit the Open for Business website.

See behind the scenes images of the photographers’ shoots on the Open for Business Tumblr.

FabLab. Julia Jacobs (confirm)

Alessandra Sanguinetti 2013 UK Manchester. Julia Jacob (designer) at Fablab


Peter Marlow 2013 The Angle Ring Limited who specialise in large scale metal bending.


Stuart Franklin 2013 UK. Scotland. Renewable energy. Wave energy being harnessed by Pelamis Wave machines.


Chris Steele-Perkins 2013 G.B. PLYMOUTH. Princess Yachts. 72 ft Motor Yatchs. L/R, Tony Bruce, Darrell Bratcher, Craig Wickes, Mark Lavis.

LON150454_David-Hurn (1)

David Hurn 2013 GB. WALES. Abergavenny. Alison Tod studio and shop. Alison Tod and Tracey Williams.


Jonas Bendiksen 2013 UK. 2013. Dewsbury. At Calder Dyeing, steam and water drops surround Roy Powels as he tends to a dyeing vat.


Bruce Gilden 2013 GB. London. 2013. Employee of Tate & Lyle syrups

UK. Derby. Bombardier. Train production. (From 'Open for Business') March 2013.

Mark Power 2013 UK. Derby. Bombardier. Train production.

GB. England. Bristol. Open for Business. Renishaw. 2013.

Martin Parr 2013 GB. England. Bristol. Open for Business. Renishaw. 2013.


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