The Rusty Key

A ratatouille of History, Museums' bits and Interesting Facts. A site for those who like the smell of Old Times.




John Ruskin, Capital 36 of the Ducal Palace, Venice, 1849-1852


I was only 6 years old when I asked my parents to take me to England. Maybe expecting to find the same old, grey, foggy, mysterious towns, the old medieval churches and ruins, I saw on movies and cartoons. I also decided upon an academic career in the Cultural Heritage and Museum sector when I was quite young. It happened during a school trip to Barcelona, just while I was admiring speechless the unfinished Gaudí masterpiece, the Sagrada. Along with my studies, I grew an almost obsessive passion for Medieval and Renaissance art. My motto? Well, “The Oldest, the Better”. The smell of Old Times, the one you experience when you enter an old library, a museum’s room, an archaeological site, a locked garage with lots of rusty and forgotten bits. I moved to London 4 years ago and I  am currently working as a Museum Professional for a well-known National Museum. TheRustyKey blog gets its name from my obsession for old keys and locks. Don’t ask me why, I won’t probably know the answer. The simple aim of this blog is to keep people informed people on museum’s accessibility, temporary exhibitions and cultural events in general. Welcome on board!


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